Bidding goodbye to winter with fuzzy socks, good books.. and did I mention tea?


Tea winterIt’s time for the guest post again! And guess who graciously offered to pen another interesting tea tale? None other than my dear friend and fellow chaivanist, Roshni.

Couple weeks ago, I got a text from her and we had our monthly catch up session. From cute puppies in her neighbourhood to the latest tea collection I stocked up, we spoke about everything under the sun and then came the lamenting…

Being from the part of the world which has not experienced winter, let alone snow, both of us were started pouring out our woes on how many times we slipped on ice barely missing the lamp post on the side walk, how bed was our best friend and most of all, going under the weather. As we neared the end of out conversation, I asked her if she could pen down her experience and be a guest writer for my blog again! Guess what, she did come up with a beautiful piece..


Here it goes, an ode to winter…


Chamomile, Peppermint, Cinnamon Spice, Assam Black, Rooibos — I lazed along the tea aisles looking for that perfect blend to get my brain on overdrive and attempt to block out the rainy Seattle winters. Cinnamon too strong, Peppermint too weak, Rooibos too sweet, Assam Black too strong, and the Chamomile too flowery; none of the winter blends appealed to my senses. So, I picked up the all-time favourite Earl Grey and dropped it in my empty cart before moving on to fruits and vegetables.

Teas have always had a special place in my life. Like many have room for dessert, I always have room for tea and then some more tea. From ginger chai at roadside tea stalls in Chennai to tea paired 5-course meals at fancy restaurants to tasting fresh tea at tea estates of Sri Lanka, I love them all. Each with a unique flavour, with and without spices, with and without milk, tea is one of the most versatile beverages anyone from any walk of life can truly enjoy. After the onset of lactose intolerance, I’ve also tried enjoying my own version of masala chai in alternate milk options. Tea is the only constant.

It’s March, the confusing month of few sunlit and warm-ish days that takes away hope just as quickly it gives. The weather is unpredictable, and the sun is a mere lamp on the sky. With the rain drops slowly painting the windows obstructing the beautiful downtown view, seagulls scouring rooftops and alleyways for food, clouds turning a shade of grey that is a limited-edition Seattle colour, I stood by my steaming kettle with a bright red mug waiting to be filled.

Settling by the window on this cold rainy weekend (or what we call a Saturday in Seattle), with fuzzy socks, a fleece blanket, the laptop warming my legs, I sipped on the Anis tea gifted by a friend who visited Peru. Dreaming of the warm summer weekends I would sit at home and do the same, and how winters are just another reason to not socialize. The warm fragrance of star anise filled the air around my head, clearing my mind to write this piece about enjoying tea during winters. As the tea filled my tummy and my mind, words filled this otherwise blank page. The images of the small roadside tea stalls of Chennai, the aroma of ginger tea and samosa mixed with the aroma of Chennai monsoons, the smell of fresh brewed tea wafting along with freshly cut tea leaves from the estates of Sri Lanka, the taste of flaky orange scones I once had at a fancy café, fill me with nostalgia. 

This bag of tea will be used and reused until hot water poured on it remains just hot water. And as this story comes to an end, I hope winter does too only to give us more tea and even more stories to look forward to.


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